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Dear Diary 2: The School Play & Other Wacky Life Events (*New*)

What is DD2 be about?
In the second installment of Dear Diary (a.k.a. DD2), it will cover some of the more 
ridiculous happenings that happened when I was in high school like joining the drama team as a script writer (almost suffered from panic attacks when I found out about this) for the district competition, undergone more physical torture in taekwondo practices, joined a swimming class (I'm drowning... Help!) and a bit of something about Gino which you must know. Dear Diary 2 is filled up with my own illustrations that truly depict the short glimpses of those moments back in school.

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Dear Diary #1

What is DD about?
This is the diary of Syazwani, a young teenager who had secretly written this diary and keeping it hidden from the rest of the world until now! Join her as she narrates funny entries and wacky illustrations as she faces her first day of secondary school with frog leg soup being served, talking to her weird pets, eating cardboard-like cornflakes for breakfast, going through gruesome exams and other exciting adventures. Share her high obsession to books and frustration towards boys. 

How to order for my book?

You can order Dear Diary by:

Email: syazwanizzati@gmail.com 

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